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Purity of sound. No adulteration. No artificial enhancement. Nothing added. Nothing left out. It’s a goal many audio manufacturers aspire to. But few attain. soulution does. Without marketing gloss. Just quietly understated design on the outside. And cost-no-object tech­nology inside. The result is audio for a truly discerning audience. Simply a uniquely sensual, organic experience that delivers all the honesty, the power, the subtlety and the emotion of music.

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Product of the Year Award 2015

soulution 711 stereoamplifier

-- Jeff felt its sound to be “nigh-on perfect,” and leveled at it not a single criticism. For now, the Soulution 711 appears to be as good as a solid-state power amp gets. more...


Editor's Choice 2016


6 soulution products are honoured with the Editor's Choice Award by The Absolute Sound:
- soulution 501 monoamplifier
- soulution 520 preamplifier
- soulution 701 monoamplifier
- soulution 711 stereoamplifier
- soulution 725 preamplifier
- soulution 755 phono-preamplifier


New products


760 D/A-Converter

Equipped with 5 digital inputs, including LAN and USB, the 760 D/A-Con­verter is well pre­pared for the inte­gration in digital play­back systems. High-resolution formats like PCM 24Bit/192 kHz, DSD or DXD get trans­formed into the analog world with no losses at all ...PDF more...


755 phono-preamplifier

Up to three cartridges may be connected to the 755 phono preamplifier. Volume control, fast and precise output stages and a strong power supply make the 755 a perfect peramplifier for the reproduction of Vinyl...PDF more...


746PSU power supply

The powerful and ultra stable power supply technology which has been introduced in the 725 preamplifier is no available for the 746 SACD-Player as well.



...Indeed, the best electronics I’ve heard period, tube or solid-state...

[Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound]

Soulution, the Swiss company with the whimsical name, has been on a genuine tear lately. Its “more affordable” 5 Series electronics—the $55k 501 monoblock amplifier and $26k 520 full-function preamplifier, which I raved about in Issue 235—were in certain key ways (the bottom octaves, timbre, and large-scale dynamics) considerable improvements over its original, far-pricier 7 Series offerings (the $115k 700 monoblocks, the $40k 710 stereo amp, and the $40k 720 preamp, which I also raved about back in Issue 199). Now, with the release of its even more costly second-generation 7 Series components—the $155k 701 monoblocks that Robert will comment on, and the $65k 711 stereo amplifier and the $50k 725 full-function preamplifier that I will discuss—Soulution has put the horse back before the cart, producing what are, by a fair margin, the best solid-state electronics I’ve heard in my system. Indeed, the best electronics I’ve heard period, tube or solid-state.

PDF more...


Overall Products of the Year Award

701 monoamplifier, 711 stereoamplifier and the 725 preamplifier are honoured with the "Overall Product of the Year" Award by The Absolute Sound.


As JV and RH report in this issue, the new 7 Series products from Swiss ultra-high-end-electronics manufacturer Soulution aren’t just better versions of what’s come before them - mere variations on familiar themes. The 701 monoblocks, 711 stereo amplifier, and 725 pre­amplifier set genuine benchmarks against which all future solid-state electronics will be measured. What makes these amps and preamps so extraordinary - and so different - is their delivery of power in an abundance previously unheard in hi-fi gear (though constantly heard in concert halls, rock venues, and jazz clubs). Where (earlier or later) all other amps, be they solid-state or tube, eventually hit a ceiling (well before actual clipping) beyond which their sound starts to compress, congeal, thin out, or brighten, the Soulutions don’t. Thanks to their switched-mode power supplies and unique ultra-high-bandwidth, ultrahigh-negative-feedback circuits, their character doesn’t change at any volume level. No matter how loudly you play them or how demanding the music, these Soulutions simply cannot be run into distortion or out of steam. As a result of this unprecedented sonic stability and inexhaustibility, the 7 Series amps and preamps come so much closer to capturing the dynamic ease and visceral clout of the real thing they will (regularly) send goosebumps up your arms and chills down your spine. Never in the past has either JV or RH heard amplifiers or preamplifiers with the sheer lifelike authority - particularly noticeable in the bass and power range - of these Soulutions. Couple this unprecedented dynamic realism with some of the beautiful tone color and finest textures this side of SETs and you get JV’s new solid-state references, RH’s new solid-state references, and The Absolute Sound’s 2014 Overall Products of the Year. (Reviewed this issue)


Golden Ear Award 2014


This year two soulution products got honored with the Golden Ear Award by The Absolute Sound!

Soulution 701 Power Amplifier (by Robert Harely)

A pair of power amplifiers that cost more than a Mercedes S-Class? Yes, but if you have the dough, I doubt that you’ll find a more musically compelling amplifier on the planet. The massive 701s break new ground in sheer dynamic verve and vivid immediacy. Although not forward –sounding, the 701s convey a sensational lifelike presence in both timbre and dynamics that put them in a class by themselves. Instrumental entrances fairly jump from the loudspeakers with hair-raising realism. And then there’s the phenomenal bass that must be heard to be believed. These amplifiers have a bottom-of-the-earth solidity and dynamic impact unlike any amplifier I’ve heard. The soulution 701 are mega-priced, but they also deliver mega-performance. (Review forthcoming)

Soulution 711 Amplifier (by Jonathan Valin)

This stereo version of the monoblocks Robert is also gracing with a Golden Ear Award is quite possibly the most exiting solid-state stereo amplifier I’ve heard in my home. Don’t let the 140Wpc power rating fool you – this thing is capable of virtually unlimited current and amperage regardless of the load. Dark and rich in tone color, blessed with tube-like dimensionality and bloom, sweet and subtle in the treble, immensely powerful and wonderfully well-defined in the bass, ultra-fast on transients, superb on resolving inner detail, with a sound-stage the size of the Ritz, I really don’t think the 711 has a weakness – or if it does I’m not hearing it with the Raidho D-5s. Other solid-state amplifiers may give you different sonic emphases – the less expensive Constellation Centaur, for example, isn’t as dark in tonal balance and it is at least as quick an detailed – and tubes and tube-hybrids (such as Sihltech’s marvellous SAGA System) obviously have their own unique charms, but overall I’ve not heard a solid-state amp that is more thrilling powerful or ravishingly beautiful or consistently lifelike than this beastie boy from Zurich. (Review forthcoming)